Thursday, November 6, 2008

Dear Diary,

Well, he didn't come and he didn't call. Probably because his phone is either off or dead. Know how I know that? Stupid me called him. At least I wasn't desperate enough to leave a message this time.


It's funny how the little choices we make can completely alter our lives. I decided to stay up and go online [as in chat] on facebook as opposed to being incognito and going to bed early. Well let me tell you, first I got into some drama with one of my friends being upset at a church decision and then I was talking to the church leader who made the decision and it was...awkward and tense. It all worked out, though, because the leader told me how to handle the situation and my friend will possibly have another means of getting what they wanted. And hopefully, in the process, my friend will mature and discover God's will.

How's that for vague?

While that was going on, I got to minister to another friend of mine who is a teacher, like me. She was really stressing out, and the Spirit put words into my fingertips and a song into my mouth that I think helped encourage her. I pray everything goes well with her tomorrow, and more than anything, that she does NOT STRESS!

The best part, of all, however, was my aunt whom I've never met in person decided to chat with me. She kept asking me when I will visit them so I can meet her. The problem is that, like a lot of my family, they live in Puerto Rico. And I...well, I don't. I don't speak Spanish fluently, I don't get the culture, traveling that far all by myself totally freaks me out, and it's expensive. She loves music, though, and she is really pretty awesome. She told me I'm a lot like my uncle, her husband, and that we definitely inherited a lot of traits from my grandfather. It all made me cry a ton. She's the first family member who's actually wanted to know anything about me, really. With every other person I've had to reach out, but she really wanted to know me and it made me feel loved. She also told me that she heard my song 'Sparrow' that I posted and she liked it.

I think I need to visit there this summer. I haven't been to Puerto Rico in fourteen years, and I feel like God keeps trying to call me home...

Voy a mi patria,