Monday, November 3, 2008

Dear Diary,

So the song I sang yesterday at church was awesome. Of course, he didn't come because he was working. That's ok. I went out to lunch with the group and one of my ex's aunts was there. That was not ok. I didn't need to remember him or how he cut my heart out and stomped on it twice. Uncool. Seriously uncool.

So I went home and I cried and I went to bed. Except I spent an hour crying and could only nap for half an hour before it was time to head back to church. I was not happy at all. So, of course, he was there. He started picking on me when he saw I was upset; I guess he was trying to get me to smile. I just wanted to punch him. I didn't. I should have.

It's a good thing I was ticked, though, because the girls were awfully hyper and when I'm mad I get really good at staying focused, serious, disciplined, and consistent.

DIVE was ok.

We went out to eat afterwards which was much better because he was there and my ex's aunt wasn't. I accidentally took his water which I found incredibly ironic and funny. It was good to have him around again. The SS teacher mentioned that my facebook poetry posts are awesome which made me feel great because I didn't think he read them. We all sang old songs and shared stories and it was a pretty awesome night.

Awesome, just awesome.

But now it's morning and I'm at work. Which is uncool again. Hopefully he'll come tonight to the emergency prayer meeting [inspired by our election]. I doubt he will, though. I know him too well...

The Pile of Festering Wounds