Saturday, February 14, 2009

Things I did today...

  • sleep
  • entirely too much internet
  • sleep some more
  • teach
  • eat candy
  • bake a brownie
  • clean. ish.
  • sing. a lot.
  • played the funeral march and giggled
  • almost get eaten by my neighbor's dog
  • watched The Butterfly Effect 2

I also walked by a pile of flower heads on the ground of various colors that looks like Valentine's Day exploded. It made me smile. I almost picked up one of the flowers to keep, just to say that I got flowers on Valentine's Day. But I didn't. If it's still there tomorrow and I remember, I might take a picture of it.

The movie slightly disappointed me. I couldn't put my finger on it at first, but it bugged me so much that I kept thinking about it until I figured it out. First, the main character was much more selfish and shallow than the one in the original movie. Also, they removed the element of the blackouts which made everything entirely too obvious. Also, they stayed within a much shorter period of time that was being altered which made it not as... interesting. I was pretty grateful that it wasn't as disturbing as the first one to me, though- I ended up crying for hours when I saw the original and I almost made myself sick.

One other thing bugged me about the movie, just because it's one of those hidden assumptions that cultures make and permeates everything and controls our thinking but nobody really pays attention to it. When the guy had...ummm.... romantic encounters with two female characters, they were both blond. But when he messed with time and stuff, the first girlfriend was portrayed as cold, distant, and emotionally unattractive... and her hair had been dyed dark brown. Coincidence? I think not. Thanks Hollywood, for all of your anti-normal people propganda... because what we really needed was another reason to feel unbeautiful. Ugh.


Friday, February 13, 2009

For Mike of the Future

Here is yet another one of my famous cards.





And this comic strip is amazing, in a sad, sad kind of way:

The Meaning of Lila

The Meaning of Lila

The Meaning of Lila

Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Present

It took me about six hours to make it. I am leaving it on his doorstep tomorrow. I'm kind of nervous and a little bit scared. But that's not the point because I'm not doing this for myself. Hopefully it will cheer him up. The worst thing it can do is annoy him. But at least it comes with free chocolate...

I also officially refused to go to dinner Saturday night with the singles group. I'm not sure why. The propaganda of "let's all be miserable together" just wasn't that appealing this year. I think I'll just watch a movie. That will be fun. Or extremely disturbing since I will be watching a sequel to the movie that made me cry for hours, relive some pretty bad memories, and not be able to sleep.

I'll just cross my fingers and hope the sequel is better.



it's 2am. i can't sleep. i woke up because i kept hearing thud, thud, thud and my ears are super sensitive. the thudding noise was my cat. inside the cabinet. he figured out how to open the cabinet and was inside it, peeing all over my pots and pans. so i took him out and put a great big chair in front of it to keep him from getting into it again and tried to go back to bed. then the thud changed to tap, tap, tap. he had gotten on the chair and was STILL trying to open the cabinet door so that the door kept tapping the chair. this was getting on my nerves. so i put him and my other cat in their room for a while and shut the door.

now i can't sleep. thanks. thanks a lot. i'm gonna be so dead at work tomorrow it's not even funny. dead, just dead.