Thursday, November 6, 2008

Dear Diary,

I know what you're thinking- I haven't posted in forever. I know I left you high and dry, temporarily abandoning you for the sole purpose of pursuing the dullest pleasures of life found in work and sleep. Hmmm....sleep.

Well, truth be told, my internet died on voting night which I took as a bad sign. I was right. Obama won and the next morning the kids were chanting in the cafeteria bright and early. Crazy kids. Also, yesterday I had tons of work AND an impromptu rehearsal at my house. That part was kinda fun.

Last night at about 2:30am there was this wicked car crash in the parking lot in front of my apartment. This black car comes in and knocks three of my neighbors' cars into each other then runs off. The police showed up 15 minutes late to catch nobody. There was another cop car there early this morning when one poor, unlucky soul got out of bed to head to work one morning and noticed the damage to his vehicle. It was an awful sound, just an awful sound. All of this plus the almost shooting that happened a while ago, the shooting that happened across the street, and other such nonsense is making me feel a little more apprehensive about living here. And this is the SAFE community. I really wish I had a man to protect me and keep me informed.

But I don't. I have two cats who pee on everything and have torn my life to shreds. Unhappy, cats.

I have to help out with rehearsal tonight. I kinda want to make it quick. I'm also a wee bit nervous about conducting since it's definitely NOT my strength. I also wonder if he'll be there. It was nice to have him over last night and look at some of his music. I felt like I was actually getting to collaborate with him, but I wonder if my knowledge in musical composition was too overwhelming and imposing for him. I hope not.

They TOTALLY blocked my class's blog from the school server. Thankfully I can still reach the website I built for them, but I can't read any of my kids' musical discussions and questions while I'm at work. The school board seriously is clueless when it comes to education sometimes. Don't they understand that many kids nowadays need a safe place online where they can ask questions about their compositions, find links to informative sites, and share new musical ideas they've discovered??? There aren't enough hours in the day for all this to be done in class, and many times these discoveries occur AFTER school hours. I think this blog is one of the most beneficial things these kids have gotten, especially if they are serious about music.

That's all she wrote, son
Nancy Drew