Saturday, May 30, 2009

Counting Sheep

Last night I was having serious issues sleeping and generally being sane. One of my former students recommend I try counting sheep. This was my response:

reasons counting sheep doesn't work for me: by the time i get to sheep number 15, sheep number 12 has run off with sheep number 4. Then I have to go chase them until a giant ogre gets in my way. This poses a problem. I run away from the ogre, but then I realize I'm daydreaming and really still awake. I start thinking about what I've got to do the next day. Then sheep number 5 starts trying to eat my students' homework. This poses another problem. I hire a wolf to get rid of the sheep. Then the wolf wants to eat me, but I give him a starburst, instead, and he goes away. The sheep come back. By then, I've lost count and am more awake than ever.