Thursday, February 12, 2009


it's 2am. i can't sleep. i woke up because i kept hearing thud, thud, thud and my ears are super sensitive. the thudding noise was my cat. inside the cabinet. he figured out how to open the cabinet and was inside it, peeing all over my pots and pans. so i took him out and put a great big chair in front of it to keep him from getting into it again and tried to go back to bed. then the thud changed to tap, tap, tap. he had gotten on the chair and was STILL trying to open the cabinet door so that the door kept tapping the chair. this was getting on my nerves. so i put him and my other cat in their room for a while and shut the door.

now i can't sleep. thanks. thanks a lot. i'm gonna be so dead at work tomorrow it's not even funny. dead, just dead.