Saturday, December 6, 2008

Dear Diary,

So today is concert numero dos, wish me luck.

Here is some silliness for you:

Finish It

My ex is still: an artist
Im listening to: the hum of my laptop
Maybe i should: sleep
I love: you. You love me. We're a happy family...
My bestfriends: wedding?
I dont understand: your mom.
I lost respect for: your face.
The meaning of my screename is: veiled under a thick layer of snow
Love is: dead, love is gone, love don't live here anymore.
Somewhere someone is: dying.
I will always: love you....and I will always love youuuuuu.
Forever seems like: only yesterday.
I never ever want to lose: my left leg.
Your mobile phone is: purple. *squee*
When i wake up im the morning: im? Did you mean 'in'???
I get annoyed at: whining
Parties are: food!
My pet: peeve?
Kisses are: *sigh*
Today I: teach too many lessons.
I really want: to be on the other side of the world again.
I live: and then I'll die.
I work: like a crazy.
I think: like a crazy.
I smell: like a crazy.
I listen: like a crazy.
I see: like a crazy. I AM a crazy! Weeeeeeeeeeee.
I sing: my friggin lil heart out.
I can: because I think?
I daydream: all the time.
I fall: for gravity.
I want: this cough to go bye bye bye.
I cry: when I'm sad.
I love: you?
I sometimes: paint my emotions in the dark.
I fear: no one!
I hope: summer comes quick.
I eat: food!
I drink: food?
I miss: you.
I forgive: after a while.
I drive: like a girl.
I dream: in technicolor.
I kiss: with all my soul.
I hug: when I mean it.
I have: a pickle!
I remember: when gas was 76 cents
I don't: think I'll see it do that again.
I believe: in you.
I know: today will be a long day.
I hate: running around.

And now, my dutiful annoyance is complete.