Friday, October 31, 2008

Dear Diary,

This morning my brain is totally on shut down. I'm not depressed anymore or anything, I'm just really, truly asleep. Seriously. Whenever I shut my eyes even for a few seconds I start dreaming. I can hear the dreams in the back of my head when my eyes are open, and I'm trying so hard to focus on staying awake. It was a fun drive to work this morning, let me tell you.

Know what else I can't understand? Why on earth did I agree to teach private lessons after work on Fridays? It makes me tired just thinking about it- a full day of work with NO LUNCH, then two private piano lessons, then run home to get my costume and dash back to church to paint faces for the trunk or treat festival. Too much running around to really enjoy anything.

The one good thing is that Saturday I only have to teach one lesson. Woot.

The one bad thing is that on Fridays I have to see every class. EVERY class. Ugh.

More likely than not, I will be back here before midnight hits, so get ready for it- whether you like it or not.

Laterz, foo'
Yo' Boo