Sunday, March 1, 2009


I'm back because I know you oh so desperately needed an hour by hour update of my night/morning.

So it's 2am and this wicked thunderclap woke me back up from my about to sleep.

And the worst of the thunderstorm is officially here. So, naturally, I flocked to my computer.

Then I went out in the main room and sang a series of depressing, bluesy songs in the dark as they came to mind because my voice is very low and rich at this time of night. I enjoy singing low, bluesy songs because they're me. I kinda wish I had grown up listening to more blues and folk music because those genres fit my voice type more than anything else I've ever sung.

Anyway, yeah. It's 2am. That painkiller I took was super good. It removed the headache and now I feel kinda foggy but in a woozy, whoa dude, kinda way. It's comforting through all this.

I need to see my doctor again. About depression. And get back on pills for it.

But I won't.