Thursday, February 19, 2009

News in the State of Me

Apparently somebody who used to go to my church and lives in the same area as me got robbed and stabbed several times last night. That's kind of scary.

I sang my solo in choir tonight, but since I didn't have a mic I was belting out when my voice was already tired and feeling futile because I couldn't hear myself. When that happens, my nerves all in my hands start to tingle and my voice gets itchy and breaks. I completely forgot the ad libs at the end, too. I definitely need to practice it more before March 8th. Everybody still told me it sounded wonderful. Oh that performer tradition in me- smile, nod, thank you very much. [Resist every impulse to admit how much it truly sucked.]

He thanked me for the Valentine... as disconnectedly and late as possible. I'm not impressed. But it sounds like the verses made an impression on him, so maybe it will change how he sees the world- for the better. That will be good for him. My work here is done.

I'm very excited about tomorrow night. It's a good thing all my lesson plans are already made out for tomorrow because I'm prolly not going to be able to concentrate at all. But, hey, what else is new?