Thursday, August 20, 2009

She's Back...

I have not been here in a long time. I felt the need to delete my other blog that was taking up my time. Until about mid-July, that is, when I stopped blogging completely. No reason, really, I just didn't feel the need like I did in the past. I almost deleted this blog, too. But I didn't.

What you missed while I was gone:

  • I was diagnosed with chronic clinical depression, general anxiety disorder and mild OCD
  • I had my first trip to the dentist
  • I went to Puerto Rico to visit family... for the first time in 14 years
  • I lopped off about 14 inches of my hair
  • I went to the midwest with my family for a week
  • My relationship with my family has become a million times better
  • My mom got a Facebook [squee!]
  • I went to the dentist for the first time in my life
  • I decided not to go to Boston or the Philippines as I reasoned getting closer with my family was way more important right now
  • I had tons of family and friends help me for hours and hours and hours on fixing up the apartment
  • I wrote a couple of songs
  • I drove by myself to another state without getting lost
I'm sure there's tons more, but all in all, it's been a pretty awesome summer.

Over and out