Friday, May 22, 2009

Reasons my Twitter Page is Awesome:

  • either Frank Sinatra is haunting me, or the voices in my head hit their teens in the 40s...
  • do not listen to the giant flamingos. Their ideas are always bad. Very bad.
  • so the 'cello said to the violin, 'You're mean,' and the violin said, 'Pluck you!'
  • take a look at your leg and say, "Something's afoot here, but I can't quite pun it down..."
  • depression makes you medicate on the deeper things in life...

...and that's just from today.


jubilescence said...

HAHAHA YES! The giant flamingoes' ideas ARE always bad! I've been telling people this for years and nobody believes me!! hahaha you win deets, your twitter page must be a mixture between the most amusing and the most thought provoking thing on twitter *nod*