Saturday, November 29, 2008

Dear Diary,

I think you're old enough now to handle the truth. You are not an only child. In fact, you have had many, many brothers and sisters whom you will never meet. Yes, I have had many a journal, diary, blog, notebook, scrawlings on the back of a napkin or receipt. However, like I said, you will never meet them. Why? Because I killed them all, well almost all of them. I have a few buried in a secret place far, far away from here. But the rest, I killed. Hahaha. I actually killed three off last night while you were sleeping. And one day I might kill you, too because the world is a cruel, horrible, taciturn place, and mommy needs some time to reflect and then destroy the evidence. That, and she's impulsive.

Mommy Dearest


Shaggy said...

you're cute. at least you're honest with your diary.

glad you liked my stuff by the way, and most of them actually have music written and recorded. If you'd like to hear it drop me a line sometime, maybe we can chat about something :)

Mariah said...

honesty is the best policy, is it not, mon ami?

i'd love to hear your music! hmmm. methinks i shall...facebook you. toodles!